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My daughter was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine headaches last year shortly after turning 14 years old, causing extreme weakness and temporary paralysis to one side of the body (every symptom of a stroke). She suffered from this almost every month. She had a "regular migraine" at least 3 days out of each week. We started giving her RMX August 10, 2017 and she started school August 8, 2017. She immediately noticed how focused she was and she has not had 1 hemiplegic migraine and only one headache that lasted 3 hours instead of 3 days. Forever grateful for RMX! We recommend to EVERYONE that we know and love, it would be wrong not to.
Tracey Harris
I’ve had to lose weight for several years along with issues with Arthritis in various areas of my body. My husband and I were introduced to the Sharoma Skinny Coffee in the month of April and introduced to RMX in the month of July. Since starting in the month of April with the coffee and starting with the RMX Oil in the month of July and with the oil working with the coffee, I have gotten rid of 21 lbs. (19 more to go). Love the products! They do what they are designed to do.
Lucinda Jolly
I've suffered with migraine and tension headaches for many years. I was introduced to Sharoma Skinny Coffee by my friend. My intentions were to lose a few pounds and to my amazement, not only did I lose the weight but I've replaced my over the counter pain reliever with a cup of Sharoma Skinny Coffee!!! This coffee has changed my life for the better and I highly recommend it !!! It also has many more benefits than regular coffee.
Lucinda Jolly
Hello I have been using Nano Level 3 FOR SEVERE OSTEOARTHRITIS, spasms and neuropathy in my back and both feet for years ...some days I cannot move or go to bathroom the pain was so horrible... recently I found this company and started on the Nano and blackseed oil. Over a three week period of taking the Nano level 3 and black seed my pain, nerve pain and stiffness had reduced tremendously in short I look to see more benefits in the future.
Lucinda Jolly